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What? So What? What Next?

Schools & Teachers

In partnership with the Association of Independent Schools we are pleased to present the 2016 Primary Conference. 

Explorers of the Australian Interior - Brave or Foolhardy?

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Compelling stories of the exploration of Australia's interior in the nineteenth century are brought to life by up-close encounters with primary sources.

Henry Lawson the Poet

Schools & Teachers

Students study one poem by Henry Lawson in depth, investigating a range of language forms and features, before illustrating their poem to reflect the imagery portrayed in the words, and reciting their poem to the class. 

My day at Maroubra Public School ... in 1946

Schools & Teachers

Students compose an imaginative text in response to a visual stimulus. They then edit a classmate’s work, before re-reading, reflecting on and re-writing their own text in response to edits made by their classmate. 

A Growing City

Schools & Teachers

Students examine images of Sydney from the past and compare them with the modern environment to understand the environmental changes that have occurred, and the interactions and connections between people, places and environments. 

Greenway and Macquarie

Schools & Teachers

Students analyse visual sources to assess the significance of the impact made by Francis Greenway and Governor Macquarie on the development of the colony of Sydney in the early nineteenth century. 

HSC Area of Study: Discovery

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Students investigate how the representation of the concept of discovery in and through a range of texts makes meaning of ourselves and our world.

Locating places - People live in places

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Students explore the places they live in and belong to. Students discover how the location of places can be represented.