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Teaching Stage 1 History: The Past in the Present

Students study of the history of their local area, examining the remains of the past and why they should be preserved.

Students and teacher at Gerocery school
Schools & Teachers

Teaching Stage 1 History: Past and Present Family Life

Students learn about present and past family life, their differences and similarities. 

Schools & Teachers

What is History? A guide for primary teachers.

A guide for teachers that has been developed to assist primary school teachers to master changes to the History K-10 Syllabus.

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Features of Places - Beaches

Students investigate the natural and human features of places and the activities that occur there. 

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Features of places - Our Classroom

Students explore activities occurring in places and how the spaces within places can be used for different purposes. 

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Features of places - Weather

Students learn how people describe the weather of places.

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People and Places - Australian places

Students investigate a range of scales across Australia such as personal, local and national.

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