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My Weekend with Pop - Special video conference

Don't miss this opportunity to talk with Indigenous Services staff about our latest online resource 'My Weekend with Pop'. 

Pop and Me
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Special Book Week Event - Meet Illustrator Phil Lesnie

This special video conference with Illustrator Phil Lesnie, whose work includes the illustrations for Libby Hathorn’s recent book 'A Soldier, a Dog and a Boy' is not to be missed.

field of poppies with loan figure of soldier in distance
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Mary Reibey: - The Woman on the $20 Note

Using original collection materials you will uncover the remarkable story of Mary Reibey and her journey from convict to wealthy business woman.

portrait of woman from 1835
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On The Move: Migration to Australia

See original primary sources of history relating to migration to Australia from 1795 through to the twentieth century.

cover of logbook 1795
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Explorers of the Australian Interior - Brave or Foolhardy?

Compelling stories of the exploration of Australia's interior in the nineteenth century are brought to life by up-close encounters with primary sources.

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Art around the Library

Students develop their art-making skills in this interactive workshops covering drawing, painting, collage and modelling.

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From Captain Cook to the Convicts!

Primary sources and compelling stories will immerse students in the European exploration and colonisation of Australia.

Watercolour portrait of Captain James Cook
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Personal stories from WWI

Expert curators will showcase the State Library’s unique collection of WWI diaries and introduce students to the men who carefully recorded their wartime experiences.

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