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My Weekend With Pop - Guide for teachers

This teacher's guide accompanies My Weekend with Pop a short illustrated bilingual story.

Flowers for Nan
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Create a textured, abstract design

Students use ideas from selected details of colonial artworks to create an abstract design.

Drawing of a parrot
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Make a painting

Students examine the style of Margaret Ackland's Pyrmont Expressway 1984 and the structure of Ted Hood's photograph East side of Circular Quay 1932 to create their own painting.

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Make a watercolour painting

Students explore and respond to natural history artworks of colonial Sydney.

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Create a collage

Students observe a colonial family portrait and explore collage techniques to convey meaning and represent the likeness of things in their world.

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Clay bust sculpture

Students explore the nature and qualities of clay as a 3D sculptural material. 

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Design a perspective drawing

Students discover the elements of perspective and techniques for creating depth in an artwork.

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Portrait drawing using a grid

Students explore drawing techniques to make a figurative likeness in portrait form.

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