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Teaching Early Stage 1 History: Personal and Family Histories

In Early Stage 1, students have the opportunity to learn about their own History and that of their family. This may include stories from other cultures and parts of the world. Students build on their own understanding of how the past is different from the present. 

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What is History? A guide for primary teachers.

This program, along with the accompanying programs for Early Stage 1, Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3, has been developed to assist primary school teachers to master changes to the History K-10 Syllabus.

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Library Adventures

Uncover the surprising stories and spaces of the State Library of NSW  in a carefully crafted adventure tailored for  all ages.

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Locating places - People live in places

Students explore the places they live in and belong to. Students discover how the location of places can be represented. 

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Kangaroo, Possum, Platypus and more!

Students annotate images of Australian native animals and write short sentences or deliver a speech.

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