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Teaching Stage 1 History: The Past in the Present

Students study of the history of their local area, examining the remains of the past and why they should be preserved.

Students and teacher at Gerocery school
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Teaching Stage 1 History: Past and Present Family Life

Students learn about present and past family life, their differences and similarities. 

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What is History? A guide for primary teachers.

A guide for teachers that has been developed to assist primary school teachers to master changes to the History K-10 Syllabus.

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Whose shoes?

Students learn about similarities and differences in family life by comparing the present with the past.


Captain Cook's shoebuckles
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Games children play

Students examine the impact of changing technology on people’s lives. 

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Anzac War Memorial Sydney

Students explore, recognise and appreciate the history of their local area by examining remains of the past and considering why they should be preserved.

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