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Teaching Stage 3 History: Australia as a Nation

Students explore the factors leading to Federation and migration to Australia and how migrants have contributed to Australia’s economic and social development.

Blinky Bill sketch
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Teaching Stage 3 History: The Australian Colonies

Students look at the founding of British colonies and the development of a colony and learn about what life was like for different groups in the colonial period.

View of Sydney Port Jackson, New South Wales, taken from the Rocks on the western side of the Cove. Painted circa 1803.
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What is History? A guide for primary teachers.

A guide for teachers that has been developed to assist primary school teachers to master changes to the History K-10 Syllabus.

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Greenway and Macquarie

Students analyse visual sources to assess the significance of the impact made by Francis Greenway and Governor Macquarie on the development of the colony of Sydney in the early nineteenth century. 

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Significant Individuals - David Unaipon

Students explore the life of David Unaipon and the contributions he made to Australia's economic and social development.

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