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Library Adventures

Uncover the surprising stories and spaces of the State Library of NSW  in a carefully crafted adventure tailored for  all ages.

group of children on a tour
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Oskar Schindler

Students learn about the life of Oskar Schindler, particularly his involvement in WWII.

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In the frame

Engage with the Library’s amazing photography collection and create your own photographic works.

in the frame photography workshop
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Shakespeare's Seven Ages of Man

Students respond to a representation of the Seven Ages of Man considering cultural, social and gender perspectives and composing metaphors to reflect on learning. 

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Personal stories from WWI

Expert curators will showcase the State Library’s unique collection of WWI diaries and introduce students to the men who carefully recorded their wartime experiences.

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Gallipoli - AE2

Students locate and sequence the places where Australians fought in WWI. They examine sources to understand the nature of warfare during the Gallipoli campaign.

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