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A Growing City

Students examine images of Sydney from the past and compare them with the modern environment to understand the environmental changes that have occurred, and the interactions and connections between people, places and environments. 

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Locating places - People live in places

Students explore the places they live in and belong to. Students discover how the location of places can be represented. 

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Features of Places - Beaches

Students investigate the natural and human features of places and the activities that occur there. 

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Features of places - Our Classroom

Students explore activities occurring in places and how the spaces within places can be used for different purposes. 

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Features of places - Weather

Students learn how people describe the weather of places.

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People and Places - Australian places

Students investigate a range of scales across Australia such as personal, local and national.

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People and Places - Connections Access Transport

Students identify factors affecting people’s accessibility to places through the use of transportation.

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People and places: Visiting places - Holidays

Students explore places across a range of scales within Australia and Australia’s location in the world. They describe connections people have with places, both locally and globally. 

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