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Henry Lawson the Poet

Students study one poem by Henry Lawson in depth, investigating a range of language forms and features, before illustrating their poem to reflect the imagery portrayed in the words, and reciting their poem to the class. 

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My day at Maroubra Public School ... in 1946

Students compose an imaginative text in response to a visual stimulus. They then edit a classmate’s work, before re-reading, reflecting on and re-writing their own text in response to edits made by their classmate. 

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HSC Area of Study: Discovery

Students investigate how the representation of the concept of discovery in and through a range of texts makes meaning of ourselves and our world.

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Kangaroo, Possum, Platypus and more!

Students annotate images of Australian native animals and write short sentences or deliver a speech.

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A day's picnic at Clark Island

Students respond imaginatively, creatively and critically to a richly detailed historical painting of Sydney's colonial past.

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New shoes

Students respond to discussion questions and compose texts supported by visual information.

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Shakespeare's Seven Ages of Man

Students respond to a representation of the Seven Ages of Man considering cultural, social and gender perspectives and composing metaphors to reflect on learning. 

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