Special Book Week Event - Meet Illustrator Phil Lesnie

Excursion Summary

1 hour

Celebrate Book Week

This special video conference with Illustrator Phil Lesnie, whose work includes the illustrations for Libby Hathorn’s recent book 'A Soldier, a Dog and a Boy' is not to be missed.

Phil will share some of the secrets of his artistic techniques and the connection he has between technology and making artworks for children’s books. Phil says that he works primarily in watercolour, because in a watercolour painting even mistakes look lovely and he makes many!

His first two books - "Once a Shepherd" by Glenda Millard, and "A Soldier, a Dog and a Boy" by Libby Hathorn - were CBCA Notable Books in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Currently, he is working on titles by Phil Cummings, Zana Fraillon, and a new book with Libby Hathorn. 

Participants will have the opportunity to see his original artworks and ask questions about his creative process, and perhaps pick up a few tips of their own to try out at home.

Booking Details

Cost: Free
Bookings made via DART Connections - spaces are limited.