Watercolour workshops - Ferdinand Bauer

Excursion Summary

1.5 hours

on demand

Botanical artist, Ferdinand Bauer (1760 - 1826)  produced some of the most scientifically accurate illustrations of Australian flora ever published. The Library is proud to hold a number of his original works.

Background notes for teachers

In this 90 minute workshop students will:

  • explore the story behind the man, his techniques and complex colouring system
  • use specialty watercolour materials, equipment and techniques
  • create their own botanical illustration. 

Workshops can be adapted to suit Stages 2 – 4 or mixed groups

Curriculum Outcomes

Stage 2 Visual Arts

VAS2.1 represents the qualities of experiences and things that are interesting or beautiful by choosing amongst aspects of subject matter

VAS2.2 uses the forms to suggest the qualities of subject matter

VAS2.3 acknowledges that artists make artworks for different reasons and that various interpretations are possible

VAS2.4 identifies connections between subject matter in artworks and what they refer to, and appreciates the use of particular techniques


Stage 3 Visual Arts

VAS3.1 investigates subject matter in an attempt to represent likenesses of things in the world

VAS3.2 makes artworks for different audiences assembling materials in a variety of ways

VAS3.3 acknowledges that audiences respond in different ways to artworks and that there are different opinions about the value of artworks

VAS3.4 communicates about the ways in which subject matter is represented in artworks


Stage 3 - NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum – History

HT3-2 describes and explains different experiences of people living in Australia over time


Stage 4 Visual Arts

VAS4.1 uses a range of strategies to explore different artmaking conventions and procedures to make artworks

VAS4.2 explores the function of and relationships between artist – artwork – world – audience

VAS4.6 selects different materials and techniques to make artworks

VAS4.7 explores aspects of practice in critical and historical interpretations of art


Stage 4 - NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum – History

HT4-3 describes and assesses the motives and actions of past individuals and groups in the context of past societies

Booking Details

Available during term time.

Cost is $181.50 for groups up to 15 and $297 for groups 16-30.


Bookings are essential, please book early to avoid disappointment.
Email learning.library@sl.nsw.gov.au or phone 9273 1778.

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