Australian Standards Online

What is Australian Standards Online?

SAI Global's database of Australian Standards is a fantastic resource for anyone who needs to access up-to-date, full-text Australian standards for personal use.

How to access

You can access eresources in the Library, either by using a Library computer or with your own device connected to the Library’s free wi-fi.

This eresource is also available outside of the Library, however you must be a New South Wales resident and have a current Library card.

How to use Australian Standards Online

To find a specific standard, do a 'quick search' by number or title.

If you don't know the name or number of the standard you are looking for, you can enter keywords, such as 'flooring' or 'access'. This will only search the titles of the standards – it is not a full-text search. (Be sure to tick the box 'search within subscription only', as the Library's subscription only includes the Australian standards.)

Standards Australia search page

Click the standard you want to view from the list of results. The results page will give you some more information about the document (including when published, whether it is still current, and what standard it replaces, if any). You will also find a link to the full-text PDF document.

Standards Australia results page

Note: PDF documents can be downloaded and viewed from home, but they cannot be printed or kept.  The downloaded documents have a timed expiry of five days, after which they will no longer be viewable. If you are using the database in the Library, you will be able to print the files, at the usual cost of 20c per black and white A4 page.

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