Author talk: Punk Girls

Fashion, music and politics collide in this landmark publication by Liz Ham, one of Australia’s most acclaimed female photographers. Punk Girls is an authentic representation of the punk movement in its many guises with an important focus on the females who inhabit this world.

Author talk: Martin Sharp His Life & Times

From OZ magazine, Swinging London and Sydney’s Yellow House, Martin Sharp was at the epicentre of a cultural flowering. His biographer Joyce Morgan will shed new light on the charismatic and eccentric Sydney artist.

International Digital Preservation Day

International Digital Preservation Day
30 November 2017 

We're celebrating the first ever International Digital Preservation Day. Individuals and institutions from across the world are coming together to celebrate the collections preserved, the access maintained and the understanding fostered by preserving digital materials.


Bitesize Curator Talk: Lasting the Distance

Using examples from library collections and private archives, this talk will demonstrate how the tangible evidence of long distance love has changed over the past 130 years from handwritten letters and carte-de-visite portraits to the email, SMS and video-calls of the digital era.