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War artists

War Artists

Daily Telegraph cartoonist and media personality Warren Brown shares his love for the hand-drawn illustrations and cartoons drawn by diggers, held in the State Library's extensive WWI collection.

13 May 2014

Youth in War

Youth in War

The State Library’s Head of Manuscripts Tracy Bradford, author Will Davies and WWI descendant Malcolm Donaldson shine the spotlight on Australia’s teenage soldiers, including 15 year-old Keith Harris and Colonel Douglas Marks, whose personal diaries are held by the Library.

9 May 2014

Stretcher bearer diaries

Stretcher bearer diaries

State Library WWI curator Elise Edmonds and military historian Peter Cochrane talk about the role of stretcher bearers during WWI through personal, hand-written diaries held by the Library.

9 May 2014

Ifould: The European War Collecting Project

Ifould: The European War Collecting Project

NSW State Librarian Alex Byrne and Mitchell Librarian Richard Neville share the fascinating story of William Ifould who spearheaded an extraordinary collecting drive at the Library from 1918 for soldier’s WWI diaries.

9 May 2014


Dr Amanda Kaladelfos - David Scott Mitchell Memorial Fellow 2010

Dr Amanda Kaladelfos, David Scott Mitchell Memorial Fellow 2010, describes her project, Citizens of Mercy: Bushrangers, Punishment and Public Opinion in colonial NSW, which examines popular conceptions of crime, punishment and justice during the later colonial period.

20 June 2012


Jesse O'Neill - Merewether Scholar 2010

Mr Jesse O'Neill, Merewether Scholar 2010, presents his project Print culture in New South Wales: 1795-1835, an early history. This project will explore the development of a print culture and printing industry in NSW prior to 1835.

20 June 2012


Dr Jodi Frawley - Merewether Scholar 2009

Dr Jodi Frawley, Merewether Scholar 2009, describes her project 'Science, pastoralism and environmental change in nineteenth century NSW'.

15 February 2012


Dr Roger Scott Osborne - Nancy Keesing Fellow 2011

Dr Roger Scott Osborne, Nancy Keesing Fellow 2011, presents his project: 'Material and textual study of Joseph Furphy's Such is Life. Towards an electronic edition of an Australian classic.

15 February 2012


Craig Munro - David Scott Mitchell Fellow 2009

Craig Munro explores the life of editor, publisher and literary journalist A.G.Stephens (1865-1933). There has not previously been a biography of this influential literary figure who, between 1890 and 1930, was associated with every major writer in Australia. As an editor and critic he was fearless, magisterial and forthright.

16 November 2011


Dr Rachel Standfield - C.H. Currey Fellow 2010

Dr Rachel Standfield examines the career of William Thomas, Assistant Protector and Guardian of Aborigines in Victoria from 1839 to 1860. Thomas's role was crucial in the development and implementation of policies to manage relations with Indigenous people in colonial Victoria.

16 November 2011


Valerie Lawson - Nancy Keesing Fellow 2010

Valerie Lawson traces the evolution of dance in Australia from the legendary Pavlova's visit in 1926 through to the establishment and development of the Australian Ballet (1962) and the Bangarra Dance Theatre (1989). This is set in the context of Australia's social, cultural and political climate.

16 November 2011


Lost & Found: Australia's Hidden Treasures

In this one hour History Channel documentary, cartoonist and media personality Warren Brown delves into the nooks and crannies of our history to unearth extraordinary stories that lead back to the State Library of NSW.

9 November 2011


Macquarie Collector's Chest

Cartoonist and media personality Warren Brown shares the extraordinary story behind the discovery of this rare and curious Australian artefact, now held by the State Library of NSW.

8 November 2011


Tasman map

Cartoonist and media personality Warren Brown uncovers the key roles William Herbert Ifould and Daisy Bates played in making the State Library the Tasman Map's permanent home.

8 November 2011


Don Watson - National Biography Award Lecture 2011

Listen to Don Watson's fascinating political journey as he discusses his award-winning, best-selling biography of Paul Keating, Recollections of a Bleeding Heart.

8 September 2011


Warren Brown - National Biography Award lecture 2011

See the most memorable cartoons created during this controversial Keating era in Australian politics as part of the National Biography Award lecture.

8 September 2011


National Biography Award 2011 winner announced

Alasdair McGregor has won the $20,000 2011 National Biography Award for Grand Obsessions: The Life and Work of Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin. The announcement was made at a special presentation at the State Library of NSW on 16 May 2011.

16 May 2011


National Biography Award 2010 Lecture

Hilary McPhee, editor, writer and former publisher, presents the 2010 National Biography Award lecture.

30 November 2010


Iconic Australian Photography

Alan Davies, Curator of Photographs, talks about the iconic images found in the Library’s amazing photographic collection, the nation's largest and most important, comprising over one million images.

30 November 2010


Mari Nawi: Aboriginal Odysseys

Dr Keith Vincent Smith and Melissa Jackson share remarkable, untold stories of Australia’s great Aboriginal mariners who embarked on 123 voyages on English ships around Australia and throughout the world, between 1790 and 1850.

17 November 2010


Lachlan Macquarie: The Governor

Lachlan Macquarie: The Governor features Paul Brunton talking about Australia's fifth and longest serving governor who transformed NSW from a penal colony to a land of opportunity and exploration.

17 November 2010


Elizabeth Ellis: The Life & Times of Governor Macquarie

2010 marked the 200th anniversary of Lachlan Macquarie's appointment as Governor of New South Wales. Macquarie was the longest serving colonial governor. In this illustrated talk, Ellis reveals the characters, stories and events that made the Macquarie years a time of change and great excitement in the colony of New South Wales.

6 October 2010

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Dr Ruth Pullin - C.H. Curry Memorial Fellow 2009

Dr Ruth Pullin discusses Eugène von Guérard's beautiful sketchbooks, which can be read as diaries as much as visual records.

29 September 2010


Michael Davis - David Scott Mitchell Fellow 2009

Michael Davis talks about the study of European representations of Aboriginal cultural heritage (including art), based on a reading of the papers of Sydney anthropologist and curator Fred McCarthy, 1940s to 1960s.

29 September 2010


Dr Melanie Swalwell - Nancy Keesing Fellow 2009

Dr Melanie Swalwell looks at the 1980s beginnings of the now ubiquitous computer games, when they were made by individuals rather than corporations.

29 September 2010


National Biography Award 2010 winner announced

Ian Templeman AM delivers the judges' report for 2010 and winner Brian Matthews reads from his Manning Clark: A Life, this year's winner.

17 May 2010


A Night at the Mitchell Library

A Night at the Mitchell features Richard Neville, Mitchell Librarian, talking about the mystical side to the Mitchell.

21 April 2010


Hurley's Antarctica

Hurley's Antarctica features Steve Martin talking about Frank Hurley and his amazing adventures as the official photographer with Shackleton's epic Trans Antarctic Expedition 1914-1916.

21 April 2010


Mapping Australia

Mapping Australia features Paul Brunton talking about the five landmark documents in European history of Australia, covering the first sighting of Australia in 1606 to the charting and naming of Australia by Matthew Flinders 200 years later.

21 April 2010


Mary Poppins: The Beginning

Emma Gray, curator, is interviewed about PL Travers' early life as well as the author's opinions on the famous Walt Disney musical film.

2 July 2009

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Copy of Schindler's List found in NSW Library

The State Library of NSW has discovered a carbon copy of Oscar Schindler's list.

28 April 2009


Looking Australian

Margot Riley, Dress historian, presents Looking Australian: images as a resource for the study of Australian Dress.

17 November 2008


My Good Comrade of the Rugby League

Andy Carr presents My Good Comrade of the Rugby League: Discovering the Writings of Harry Sunderland in the State Library of New South Wales.

7 November 2008


Geoffrey Blainey: Captain Cook and His Rivals

In 1769, two ships set out in search of a missing continent. That Christmas, in New Zealand waters, the two captains were almost within sight of each other, though neither knew of the other's existence.

20 October 2008

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