Living Learning Libraries guidelines

The Living Learning Libraries guidelines worksheets provide checklists to identify library service areas for future action.

Part B. Guidelines

The Guidelines are a set of principles for developing levels of performance which lead to quality library services.   For any other details presented in the guidelines you will need to refer to the full version of Living Learning Libraries

These Guideline Worksheets provide the library manager with a space to identify what future action is required as well as a mechanism for reporting and commenting on issues, progress and achievement in relation to each guideline.

Living Learning Libraries - using guidelines worksheets

FileG1 Library management

FileG2 Opening hours

FileG3 Library buildings

FileG4 Mobile libraries

FileG5 Marketing and promotion

FileG6 Information and readers' advisory services

FileG7 Interlibrary loans and document delivery

FileG8 Staffing

FileG9 Collection acquisition and development

FileG10 Local studies

G11 Cataloguing

FileG12 Information technology

FileG13 Literacy services

FileG14 Services for culturally diverse communities

FileG15 Services for Indienous Australians

FileG16 Services for people with disability

FileG17 Services for young people

FileG18 Services for older people

FileG19 Home library services

FileG20 Programs

FileG21 Qualitative data collection

FileG22 Customer service