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Bulk loans service

The State Library has collections in community languages, and English large print and audiobooks. These collections are loaned free of charge to the people of NSW, through the public library network.

Information for public library staff

What can be borrowed from the Bulk Loans Service?

  • books in more than 40 languages, including some audiobooks and large print
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) resources to support the independent learning of English
  • audiobooks in English
  • large print books in English

View the State Library's Interlibrary Lending Policy.

How can material be borrowed from the Bulk Loans Service collections?

To request a bulk loan, fill in one of the following forms:

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Multicultural Collection Distributed Model

The State Library has been exploring new models for sharing multicultural collections with NSW public libraries.  Demand for the State Library’s multicultural collections has enjoyed significant growth in recent years, and a move to a distributed model of service has been recommended.  This model will make more of the collections available to public libraries on long term loan, resulting in immediate access for local communities.   More information about this model can be found  on the Multicultural collection distributed model page.

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  • see up-to-date information on items on loan to your library
  • check which items are overdue

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For more information about the Bulk Loans Service contact: 
Phone: 02 9273 1541