Personal Interest Project Extract Index

Selected sections of the award winning Personal Interest Projects have been digitised to show excellence in various areas related to the construction of the PIP's.


Blitzkreig Pop: A study into the evolution of society's perception of the punk culture (PDF 868KB)

Blurred Lines - Entertainment or Exploitation?: Investigates the hypersexualisation of women within the music industry and its impact on the socialisation and treatment of women within society (PDF 480KB)

Can Social Justice be more than "just another brick in the wall"?: An investigation into the effectiveness of a school in communicating social justice issues (PDF 499KB)

Muslim and Western: Living a life of contradiction: An investigation of the westernisation of Australian Muslim Women (PDF 687KB)

Seeing Red: An exploration into the retainment of communist values amongst migrants of the post -communist generation (PDF 1309KB)

Violence Anaesthesia: Exploring the effects of normalisation and desensitisation to media violence and its impact on the horror genre (PDF 1388KB)

What is lost when language dies?: A study of the effects of language attrition brought on by migration on the Vietnamese community in conteporary Australian Society (PDF 661KB)


A Work in Progress: An investigation into the combined effect of language maintenance and acculturation on the hybridisation of second-generation Chinese - Australians (PDF 292KB)

Activism: An investigation into the changing nature of adolescent social activism and teh extent to which interative behaviours and decision-making influence the outcoems of activism (PDF 409KB)

Eyes Wide Open: An Investigation into how and why Chinese Australian adolescents' aspirations towards westernisation are expressed in particular stylised manifestations, and the impacts on the formation of Chinese identity (PDF 331KB)

'Go and do some homework and then get back in the kitchen!': The contradiction of the new educational landscape for Afghan girls and traditional gender roles in the Afghan-Australian diaspora (PDF 196KB)

HeteronomaltivityHeteronormative practices in the mass media (PDF 499KB)

Lost in Translation (PDF 107KB)

Migrating Away (PDF 16KB)

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Does the Modern Woman Have it All? (PDF 24KB)

Racsim: It's not a Black and White Issue: A study into the unconscious prejudice embedded within Australia's 'egalitarian' soceruty that accepts Aboriginal society (PDF 189KB)

Seeing Ourselves on Screen: An exploration of national identity through Australian film (PDF 411KB)


Title Rationale for selection for digitisation
Why Grandpa Says Inappropriate Things: The Role of Age in Regards to Prejudice and Cultural Competency, and the Ability to be Culturally Tolerant The student demonstrates the ability to make complex judgements on the process of conducting and analyzing research, and is able to critically evaluate their own process
Holding Up Half the Sky? An Investigation into the Effects of Migration and Acculturation on the Gender Values of Chinese-Australian Women and Adolescent Girls Student demonstrates outstanding application of concepts and consistent and sustained synthesis throughout
Se(xx)y Talk: An Investigation into the use of Gendered Language Within Afghan Media in the Portrayal of Women Student makes sophisticated and conceptual judgements on the usefulness, validity and bias of the resources that contributed to the research
‘White Flight’ Leaves ‘Others’ Out of Sight: White Flight from Public Schooling is Discouraging Cultural Diversity in Rural Areas, also Reflected in Urban Areas, therefore not reflecting a Multicultural Australia Student makes considered and insightful judgements on the value of the resources used in the research process
Write or Wrong: An Investigation into the Discursive Construction of Asylum Seekers in Australian Print Media Excellent application of sociological theory and sophisticated synthesis of personal experience and public knowledge.  In particular, the student explains and justifies their application of the methodology of Content Analysis in a detailed and highly effective way
In Retrospect: Is the Rapidity of Change in our 21st Century Lives the Reason for our Fascination with Retro? Excellent synthesis of personal experience and public knowledge, effectively supported with methodological data and secondary research
“Who’s Afraid of the Leading Lady?” An exploration into how the changing roles of women in film reflect our changing society, from the 1950s to today Excellent use of secondary research to support ideas
From the Egg to the Phoenix: Understanding the Upbringing of Chinese Australians under Traditional Chinese Educational Values and its Impact on Australia Insightful reflection on the process of research and the development of ideas
Window Shopping in the Department Store of the Exotic Other: An Investigation into the Fetishisation and Consequent Commodification of ‘exotic’ cultures by the West Constructs a complex and sophisticated thesis through applying a range of course concepts and clearly outlining the aims of research



Title Rationale for selection for digitisation
Rise of the Tiger Cubs Clear and critical judgements on the usefulness of resources
Sikh Gender roles Applies concepts, justifies methodologies and demonstrates an understanding of the limitations of their research
Lost in Translation A thorough explanation of the 'how' and 'why' research was conducted
Cultural Identity Deep understanding of concepts
Unveiling the Truth Synthesis of primary and secondary research
Dissent to Disillusionment Effective application of theories, secondary research and synthesis with primary research
Helping Me Helping You Thorough and authentic engagement with the topic
Growing up Digital Thorough detail on how primary research was conducted
Quality over Quantity Critical judgements on both primary and secondary sources
On Your Marks, Get Set, STOP! Excellent integration of content analysis


Title Rationale for selection for digitisation
Macedonian-Australian: Explaining the Hyphen Integration of research
A Change in the Weather Excellent log
Baa-Baa Black Sheep Process of research and consideration of time
Is That a Cape or An Apron? Annotated research
Veiled Hopes, Western Woes Personal experience and integration of concepts
It’s a Disney World After All Conclusion
Come Out & Play Methodological research
Where You From? You Sporty Thing! Equality & Difference
Confucius, Cultural Revolution & Capitalism Log
Weapons of Mass Consumption Central Material – great start to chapter.
Whatever Floats Your Boat Methodologies
Beyond the Paint: Graffiti’s Value in Contemporary Society Central Material
The Artist as Citizen Concepts
The Gospel According To Disney Introduction

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