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Find Legal Answers

The Find Legal Answers website provides access to legal information online, in NSW public libraries and in the State Library of NSW.

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Family, Relationships and Children

What happens when your relationship ends, or if you're suffering abuse or violence? What rights do children and young people have - their care, schooling, with the police?

Neighbours, Housing and the Environment

Having problems with neighbours over fences or trees? Or with your local council, or your landlord? Or are you concerned with issues relating to climate change and the environment?

Wills, Estates and Planning Ahead

How do you make a valid will, and what happens if you don't leave a will? What does an executor do? And how can you ensure your wishes are followed if you become incapacitated?

Police and Crime

Have you been a victim of a crime? Do you have to go to court? Find information about police powers, and how to defend yourself when charged with a crime.

Money, Debt and Fines

Are you in debt, considering bankruptcy or does someone owe you money? Need information about Centrelink payments?

Courts and the Legal System

Do you need a lawyer, or are you representing yourself in court? Find information about court procedures and forms. Find out about our legal system.

Work and Employment

Do you have questions about your pay, or what your entitlements are? Are you claiming compensation for a workplace injury?

Cars and Driving

Need to know about buying a car, or traffic offences? Have you been booked for something and have to pay a fine?

Consumers, Business and Media

Unhappy with something you've bought? Are you starting a business or incorporating an association? Need information about copyright or media law?

Government and Rights

Do you have questions about discrimination or human rights? About immigration or freedom of information?

Accidents, Compensation and Insurance

Have you suffered an injury through crime, or your workplace? Is someone suing you for negligence? Need information about insurance?

Health and Ageing

Who owns your medical records? Can you refuse medical treatment? Or do you need to know about living in a retirement village?

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