Multicultural pamphlets

Your public library welcomes you pamphlet has information about core library services offered to communites by NSW public libraries. Available in 44 languages including English.

Pamphlet One is available in languages which are included in the State Library’s Multicultural Collection. Pamphlet Two contains general information about services offered by public libraries.


Pamphlet One

Pamphlet Two

English (PDF 140Kb) English (PDF 35Kb)
Arabic (PDF 159Kb) Assyrian (PDF 150Kb)
Bengali (PDF 453Kb) Dari (PDF 127)
Bulgarian (PDF 136Kb) Dinka (PDF 150Kb)
Burmese (PDF 603Kb) Kannada (PDF 356Kb)
Chinese (PDF 183Kb) Khmer (PDF 150Kb)
Croatian (PDF 135Kb) Laos (PDF 150Kb)
Czech (PDF 121Kb) Marathi (PDF 150Kb)
Dutch (PDF 149 Kb) Somali (PDF 150Kb)
Finnish (PDF 132 Kb) Swahili (PDF 134Kb)
French (PDF 148Kb)
German (PDF 157Kb)
Greek (PDF 132 Kb)
Gujarati (PDF 118Kb)
Hebrew (PDF 122Kb)
Hindi (PDF 143Kb)
Hungarian (PDF 192 Kb)
Indonesian (PDF 137Kb)
Italian (PDF 156 Kb)
Japanese (PDF 186 Kb)
Korean (PDF 305Kb)
Macedonian (PDF 128Kb)
Maltese (PDF 133Kb)
Nepali (PDF 162Kb)
Persian (PDF 152 Kb)
Polish (PDF 162 Kb)
Portuguese (PDF 180 Kb)
Punjabi (PDF 131Kb)
Romanian (PDF 161Kb)
Russian (PDF 136Kb)
Serbian (PDF 136Kb)
Sinhalese (PDF 183Kb)
Slovak (PDF 138Kb)
Slovenian (PDF 177Kb)
Spanish (PDF 160Kb)
Swedish (PDF 149Kb)
Tagalog (PDF 144 Kb)
Tamil (PDF 646Kb)
Thai (PDF 158Kb)
Turkish (PDF 201Kb)
Ukrainian (PDF 130Kb)
Urdu (PDF 201Kb)

Vietnamese (PDF 138Kb)


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