Multicultural services for NSW residents


You can borrow books and audio books from the State Library through your public library.

The Multicultural Service collects books in over 40 community languages including English as a Second Language. The collection includes:

  • adult fiction;
  • adult popular non-fiction such as history, poetry and drama, cookery, medical information;
  • resources for children such as picture books, nursery rhymes, bilingual books and sound recordings.

Large print and audio books in some languages are also collected.

For further information contact your local library.

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Online Resources

Oxford Language Dictionaries Online

Oxford Language Dictionaries Online includes:

  • online dictionaries for French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.
  • a quick translation tool for 13 languages, a virtual keyboard for entering characters in other scripts and resources for learning and teaching languages.

It is available to registered NSW residents and allows for unlimited users.

Go to the Oxford Language Dictionaries Online

Community Language Collection Directory

Use the CLC Directory to locate language collections held in NSW public libraries.

International newspapers in community languages

Library PressDisplay

Library PressDisplay is a service which allows anyone who lives in NSW to read newspapers in their own language at home. Over 1,400 international newspapers and magazines from more than 80 countries in 39 languages are available.

Before you can access these newspapers you will need to register for a library card.
Register now online for a Library card

Access Library PressDisplay


The State Library collects newspapers in languages other than English published in NSW, many of the newspapers are available on microfilm at the State Reference Library in the Macquarie street building.


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