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Updates to the catalogue

A list of new features in the catalogue as well as known issues.

New features in the catalogue

New feature  Search history
New feature Browsing for titles, authors and subjects.
New guide

Searching the collections: information about which catalogues to use to find particular items in the collections e.g. books, journals, maps, photographs.

Issues we are working on

Listed below are the issues we are currently working on to resolve. We acknowledge that these issues are presenting difficulties for you and we thank you for your continued patience.  

Issue Description Catalogue tip

Digital images search and display from the single search catalogue, for unpublished material [logged 14/03/17]

High priority - Search limit resolved

Update 14/8/17: An ‘after search’ limit is now available - see Refine my results > Digital Content > click on Archival digital.  This will limit results to unpublished material records with digitised images.

Display of thumbnails for digitised images and a direct link to the image viewer in the single search catalogue record remains in progress.

See Digital Content limit in single search catalogue.

You can also search directly in the new Manuscripts, Oral Histories and Pictures catalogue using the Digital Content button. See our Help pages.


Date search, sorting and limits for unpublished items in single search catalogue [logged 14/03/17]

In progress

Update 14/8/17: Date early and late range limiting for unpublished items requires further set up in single search catalogue.

Specialist work required
Use the Manuscripts, Oral Histories and Pictures catalogue advanced search and choose date sort options at the bottom.

Full record display and search for unpublished items in single search catalogue [logged 14/03/17]

In progress

Update 14/8/17: substantial progress has been made:
– Full display – the order of fields in the single search catalogue now reflects the Manuscripts Oral History and Pictures catalogue.
- A label change for the link from the single search catalogue to the Manuscripts Oral History and Pictures catalogue to help users navigate between the two systems – now labelled ‘Full Record’. 
- The Name field is now searchable
- Unique numbers for digital images in the new viewer (IE and FL numbers) are now searchable.
- Access Conditions formatting fixed so that access and restriction information displays correctly.

Check full record display in Manuscripts, Oral Histories and Pictures catalogue – use Link to Online Resource.

For more tips on searching unpublished material read the


Hierarchy display for Manuscripts, Oral Histories and Pictures catalogue [logged 14/03/17]

In progress

1. Collection hierarchy display in the Manuscripts, Oral Histories and Pictures catalogue loads 10 records at one time – can be difficult for browsing.

2. The individual records are ordered alphabetically by title, rather than by box or file number.

Click ‘Load More’ until all items display - when viewing a single record from the list, right click and open in a new tab or window. This should retain the expanded list in the previous window.

Ask staff at Special Collections if there is a printed contents list.

Collection viewer – scroll and browse [logged 14/03/17]

In progress

Difficult to scroll through multiple images.

Browse thumbnails from bottom the of the Manuscripts, Oral History and Pictures catalogue record before opening viewer.

Click Show More until all thumbnails revealed. Then click on thumbnail for full viewer display.

Eg Series 01: Views of Australasia…

Serial holdings [logged 26/05/16]

In progress

Some problems with the migration of serials records to the new system (eg catalogue records for journals, magazines, newspapers).

Use the Classic catalogue of published material to check what issues we hold. (Please note that the classic catalogue is read-only and will not show recent issues).

Printing results list from single search catalogue [logged 07/12/16]

Working with vendor

Printing or exporting a list of results requires them to be first pinned as favourites one by one.

You need to collect items before you can print a list ie 'pin' each item that you wish to print (click on pin icon) into a list of favourites.

Then go to the Pin icon in the top right hand corner of the screen (My Favourites) and you will find the items you have selected. Tick the checkbox beside the number of items - it will select all of them. Then look for the 3 dots symbol click and you will see an option to Print.

Catalogue records not currently searchable via external search engines [logged 26/05/16] 

Working with vendor - may soon be resolved in upcoming release.


You can search Google and still retrieve results for our published items in Trove.

You can use the Trove number to search in our single search catalogue.

The Adlib records are searchable via Google using a site limit, e.g. Miles franklin

Digitised image previously available does not display [logged 1/05/16] Most images have been successfully migrated, however some published and unpublished digitised material are not yet available and are listed on our exceptions list - these are digitised files which encountered errors in the migration process and require further analysis.  Put in a request for the image through our Ask a Librarian service.  Our Systems team have a copy of everything not migrated on other servers, and are working through migration exceptions. The team can prioritise troubleshooting for images that may be required sooner.
Special Collections pickup option for Gold card users - drop-down no longer available in request screen [logged 1/7/17] A monthly system release has affected the ability to provide this option for Gold card users to choose to collect their printed material in Special Collections. Gold card users can type ‘please deliver to Special Collections’ into the Vol./Year/Comment box on the request screen.


Contact us

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