Bags and lockers

Security showing the bag template to a clientSecurity showing the bag template

You can bring a small bag into the Governor Marie Bashir Reading Room. Security will check your bag as you enter and leave the reading room. Bags include handbags, laptop bags, briefcases, suitcases, backpacks and shopping bags.

You will need to hire a locker if your bag is larger than 25 × 35 × 10 cm. The locker rental stations only accept cash and give change if you don't have the exact money.

Complete a form at the reading room entrance to bring your own books and magazines into the reading room.

You can bring your bag into the Mitchell Library Reading Room and the Verandah. You don’t need to complete a form to bring your books and magazines into these areas.

Bags cannot be taken into the Special Collections area of the Mitchell Library Reading Room.

Staff showing how to rent a lockerStaff showing how to rent a locker

Standard lockers
0 - 4 hours: $1
4 - 8 hours: $2
8 - 12 hours: $3

Standard lockers with power
(Governor Marie Bashir Reading Room only)

0 - 4 hours: $2
4 - 8 hours: $4
8 - 12 hours: $6

Large lockers
0 - 4 hours: $2
4 - 8 hours: $4
8 - 12 hours: $6

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