How to copy and print at the Library

Copying at the Library   

You can copy using your Library card. You can add credit to your card at one of the machines in the reading rooms or on the Verandah outside the Governor Marie Bashir Reading Room on Lower Ground 1. If you don’t have a card, sign up online or when you visit us.

If you just want to copy, buy a Library copy card at one of the machines for $1, which gives you credit of $1.

You can also order copies of Library material, such as articles and chapters from books. For more information or to place an order, go to our How to order copies page or ask at the Request desk.

Printing at the Library   

You can print from our computers and most microfilm/microfiche readers using your Library card or a Library copy card.

You can also print from your USB using the USB printing machine in the Verandah outside the Governor Marie Bashir Reading Room on Lower Ground 1.

Wi-Fi printing

You can print from your laptop or mobile device via Wi-Fi using Websubmit. Log into Websubmit using your Library card or copy card number to send your printing to the printers in the reading rooms and Verandah.

Wi-Fi printing is available on devices running Windows, Android or Mac OS X. Printing from iOS devices (iPad/iPhone) is limited to photos.

View our Wi-Fi Printing handout [PDF 1.07MB] for more information about using Websubmit.

   Copying and printing prices

Format A4 A3 Details


Black & white



up to A3 size originals
(30 cm x 42 cm)




up to A3 size originals
(30 cm x 42 cm)

Black & white copies from microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards



colour not available

Copying of fragile and larger Library material

Copying this type of material from our collection requires the use of an overhead scanner operated by staff. We can scan up to 10 pages for you while you wait. If you need more copies, place an order at the Request desk. Your order will be available within 4 working days. Pre-payment is required and can be made via EFTPOS, credit card or cheque/money order.

This service is only available for copying material from our collection.

Black & white



up to A2 size originals
(42 cm x 60 cm)




up to A2 size originals
(42 cm x 60 cm)


Black & white $0.20 $0.30
Colour $1.20 $2.40

All prices shown include 10% GST (Goods and Services Tax). International orders are exempt from GST.

You are welcome to copy material or order copies from the Library’s collections provided you meet the requirements of the Australian Copyright Act and any special requirements that may apply to material that is original, unpublished or culturally sensitive. Information on copyright provided by the Library does not constitute legal advice. If in doubt, seek legal advice before copying a work.
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