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Miles Franklin (1879–1954)

Papers, 1841–1954
(Mainly ML MSS 364 and ML MSS 445)

Miles Franklin, authoress, (1879–1954), daughter of John Maurice Franklin and Susannah Margaret Eleanor Franklin, nee Lampe, was born at Talbingo, NSW. In 1906 she went to Chicago, where she worked for the National Women's Trade Union League of America, principally as co-editor of Life and labor with Alice Henry. In 1915 she went to England, later joining the Scottish Women's Hospital for Foreign Service, with which she served in Serbia, 1917–1918. She remained in London until 1927, when she returned to Australia to live in Sydney. In 1931–1932 she visited the USA and England. Her publications include six novels issued under the pseudonym 'Brent of Bin Bin' and one under the pseudonym 'Ogniblat' and 'Mrs. Ogniblat l'Artsau'. From 1927 to c. 1945, Mary Fullerton, and in the mid 1930s, Jean Hamilton, acted as her agents in England, mainly in the publication of the Brent series, while Miles Franklin, in turn, acted as Mary Fullerton's Australian agent.

Personal papers: 1880-1954:

Diaries and notebooks, with indexes, 1909–1954.
Includes references to books, literary personalities and events. The indexes relate to such matters as the names, titles and subjects to be found in the diaries and notebooks:

Pocket diaries, 1909–1916
(CY 2153)

Diaries, 1917–1918.
(CY 766)

Pocket diaries:
1919–1925 (CY 2154)
1926–1930, mostly or partly written in shorthand (CY 2155)
1931–1935, mostly or partly written in shorthand (CY 2156)
1936–1941 (CY 2233)
1942–1947 (CY 2263-CY 2264)

Literary notebooks, volumes I-XV, 1934–c. 1948.
Manuscript with newspaper cuttings and typescripts inserted. Mainly concerning books, literary personalities and events, with some personal reminiscences.
(CY 2956)

Diaries, 1926–1953.
Manuscript with correspondence, photographs, newspaper cuttings and printed items inserted. Diaries, 15 October 1935 to 18 December 1944.
(CY 3592)

Diaries, 1944–1953 and miscellaneous notes, 1926–1954.
(CY 3593)

Correspondence, 1887–1954, being letters received by Miles Franklin, with copies of many of her replies:
Manuscript, typescript and carbon typescript.
Correspondents are arranged chronologically by the date of their earliest letter.

General correspondence, 1887–1954:
1887–1951 (CY 1081)
1901–1936 (CY 1081)
1902–1953 (CY 1101)
1903–1953 (CY 1102)

Correspondence with Joseph Furphy, 1904–1907.
(CY 1042)

General correspondence.
1904–1954 (CY 1103)
1908–1949 (CY 3139)
1909–1954 (CY 1105)
1915–1950 (CY 1106)
1919–1954 (CY 1521)
1923–1956 (CY 1243)

General correspondence: Mary Fullerton.
12 November, 1926 to 26 December 1934. (CY 2049)
8 January 1935 to 31 December 1940. (CY 2055)
16 January 1941 to 10 June 1944. (CY 2079)
4 July 1944 to 23 July 1946. (CY 2083)

General correspondence.
1926–1953 (CY 1172)
1929–1954 (CY 1173)

Correspondence, 1930–1953.
(CY 1122)

General correspondence: C. Hartley Grattan.
(CY 873)

General correspondence.
1932–1954 (CY 3141)
1933–1954 (CY 1123 & CY 3143)
1935–1953 (CY 1124)
1936–1954 (CY 1125)
193–-1954 (CY 1126)

General correspondence: Dymphna Cusack, February 1938 to 1 May 1954.
(CY 2990)

General correspondence: Florence James, November 1945 to April 1954.
(CY 2990)

General correspondence.
1938–1954 (CY 1244)
1939–1954 (CY 1174)
194?–1954 (CY 3142)
1940–1954 (CY 3418)
1940–1950 (CY 3174)
1942–1954 (CY 3175-3176)
1943–1954 (CY 3419)
1945–1954 (CY 3420)
1946–1954 (CY 3421)
1948–1954 (CY 1308)
1949–1954 (CY 1309)
1951–1954 (CY 3446)
1953–1954 (CY 1509)
1900s mainly undated (CY 3489)

Family correspondence: Barton-Cotterill.
(CY 1473)

Family correspondence, 7 December 1896 to 21 May 1954.
(CY 1474)

Family correspondence, Graham-Lampe 1897–1954.
(CY 1475A)

Family correspondence, Maxwell-Wilkinson.
(CY 1475B)

Miscellaneous correspondence, 189?–1954, being notes, greeting cards and announcements.
(CY 3489)

Miscellaneous personal papers, 1880–1953: Biographical notes, 1904, 1930s, 1946; letters of introduction, 1897–1932; certificates of baptism, 1880; confirmation, 1894; certificate accompanying coronation medal 1953; and passport with related application form, 1923.
(CY 3489)

Literary papers, 1887–1954. Manuscript, typescript, carbon typescript and printed papers.
Mainly manuscripts of unpublished works, some incomplete:

Novels, 1896–19?
'For sale to the highest bidder': Incomplete. MS., 8 June 1896.
(CY 879)

'Within a footstep of the goal: an Australian story'. Incomplete MS., August 1896.
(CY 1059)

Incomplete drafts and notes of various novels, c. 189?–19?.
(CY 1060)

Short stories, 189?–195?
'A pair of new chums, Australian tale, written especially for the Amykos Educational Competition'. c. 189?–190?.
'A common case'. MS. July 1898.
'One of our old maids'. MS. 19-?
'Jilted'. MS., February 1900.
'Bush life'.
'Sketch I. The Tin-potting of Tim Jones'. MS., February 1900.
'Sketch II. Of love'. MS., 8 March 1900.
'Sketch III. Half an Idyll, half a yarn'. MS., February 1900.
'Sketch IV. Gossip by the way'. MS., 25 March 1900.
Another copy on verso of part of incomplete novel 'For sale to the highest bidder'.
'Sketch VII. Ben Barratt's break up'. MS., 26 December 1900.
'How Dead Man's Gap was named'. MS., 20 May 1900.
'An old housepost: Idyll'. MS., 9 June 1901.
(CY 1061)

Essays and articles, 189?–1950.
(CY 3582)

Plays, 1924–195?
'Call up your ghosts!' by Miles Franklin and Dymphna Cusack. Carbon typescript with MS. corrections, 1945.
'Tom Collins at Runnymede'. Title pages, extracts and notes. Carbon typescript with MS. additions, 195?
'The dead must not return: a play in three acts'. Carbon typescript with MS. additions, 195?
(CY 2419)

Verse, 1887–19?
Part of exercise book containing original poems by Miles Franklin, 1887–19?, and copies of poems by other writers, with added poems, 1901–1940.
(CY 2419)

Literary criticism and biography, 19? , 1939–1954, being manuscripts with collected research material.

On Catherine Helen Spence, 1825–1910:
Research material, being papers of C. H. Spence including correspondence with various persons, 1853–1909, manuscripts and lectures by C. H. Spence, 18?–1906, and miscellaneous papers, 1865–1875.
(CY 1043)

On Joseph Furphy, 1845–1950, being manuscripts, 1931–1951, and research material, 1867–1939:
'Such is life'. Furphy's incomplete typescript with MS. corrections, 1897.
Miscellaneous stories and essays by Furphy, 189?, 1894–1907.
(CY 648)

Copies of letters from Furphy to various persons, 1882–1910, with miscellaneous papers, 1867–1939.
(CY 1479)

Talks, c. 1936–1949.
Talks closely related to a particular literary project have been kept with other papers on that project, for example, C. H. Spence, Joseph Furphy, 'Laughter not for a cage'.
Undated talks, probably delivered between 1930 and 1954.
MS., typescript and carbon typescript with MS. corrections.
(CY 3586)

Publishing papers, 1899–1954, Contracts, correspondence, royalty statements and material collected regarding published works:

Papers regarding novels, 1899–1935.
My brilliant career, 1899–1910; Some everyday folk; Dawn, 1909–1910; Old Blastus of Bandicoot, 1930–1935.
MS., typescript and carbon typescript.
(CY 1350)

Papers regarding novels, 1932–1946.
Old Blastus of Bandicoot: 2nd edition, 1944, and miscellaneous papers regarding the two editions, 1934–1936; Bring the monkey, 1932–1946.
MS., typescript and carbon typescript.
(CY 3602)

Papers regarding novels, 1938–1954.
Sydney Royal, 1938–1954, and Pioneers on parade, by Miles Franklin and Dymphna Cusack, 1938–1941. MS., typescripts, carbon typescript, printed.
(CY 3602)

Further papers regarding published novels, 1917–1950 and unpublished novels, 1902–1948:

Published novels: My career goes bung, 1942–1950; The thorny rose, 1942–1947; The net of circumstance published under the pseudonym Ogniblat and Mrs Ogniblat l'Artsau, 1917–1918.
Unpublished novels: The end of my career, 1902, 1911; On the outside track, 1902; On Dearborn Street, by Ogniblat and Mrs Ogniblat l'Artsau, 1915–1916; Love letters of a superfluous woman, 1920; Sam Price from Chicago, 1922; The pursuit of glamour, 1946–1947; The Exodists, 1947–1948; War comes to Jones Street, 19?
Unpublished sketches: 'Hold tight!', 'Life on a London bus and thereabouts', 1921.
MS., typescript and carbon typescript.
(CY 1490)

'Brent of Bin Bin' novels and stories: Correspondence with Angus and Robertson Ltd., 1947–1954, and with miscellaneous publishers, 1926–1948.
(CY 3723)

'Brent of Bin Bin' novels and stories: Correspondence conducted under the Brent pseudonym, 1931–1950, and papers collected regarding the 'Brent of Bin Bin' novels.
MS., typescript, carbon typescript and printed.
(CY 1491)

Papers regarding plays, 1917–1951. Mainly correspondence with actors, producers, publishers and competition organisers sometimes conducted under the pseudonyms H. F. Malone or J. Verney, regarding plays performed and unperformed.
(CY 3588)

Correspondence with literary societies on publishing matters, 1925–1945, with related forms and including circular letters.
Principal correspondents are the Authors' League of America Inc., 1933–1934, and Incorporated Society of Authors, Playwrights & Composers, 1925–1939.
MS., typescript, carbon typescript, duplicated and printed.
(CY 3724)

Papers of various members of the Franklin and Lampe families, 1841–1950.
Family papers, correspondence and miscellaneous papers, 1841–1950.
(CY 2854)

Incidental papers, 1903–1954.
Papers received from the estate of Alice Henry, 1903–1946.
Correspondence with Alice Henry:
4 January 1916 to 22 December 1937.
(CY 3664)

7 January 1938 to 7 February 1943.
(CY 3665)

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