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Seven Types of Ambiguity, Episode 2 ‘Alex’ by Jacquelin Perske

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Seven Types of Ambiguity, Episode 2 ‘Alex’ by Jacquelin Perske (Matchbox Pictures)

Judges' Comments 

A psychiatrist trying to come to terms with the dangerous behaviour of his client must deal with his own demons in this, the second episode of the television adaptation of Elliot Perlman’s powerful novel. Episode by episode, the series shifts focus to explore the involvement of a different central character with a different agenda. As each new character is foregrounded, the story’s moral universe expands and the viewer’s prejudicial assumptions are challenged.

Jacquelin Perske’s script explores what it is to be human. Beautifully observed, with masterful command of craft and character, she paints a portrait of a man in crisis — not the one in prison for the abduction of a child, but his psychiatrist, trying to make sense of his client’s behaviour while grappling with a crumbling marriage and separation from his kids. A moral puzzle, with complex characters and a compelling plot, the writing is sharp, elegant and empathetic.