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Miss Ex-Yugoslavia by Sofija Stefanovic

Miss Ex Yugoslavia

Judges' Comments 

In Miss Ex-Yugoslavia Sofija Stefanovic deftly turns her own experiences as a migrant stuck between two cultures into an informative and funny memoir that is hugely relatable to Australians from all kinds of different backgrounds. The political and geographic disintegration of Yugoslavia is the background for this personal, yet relatable, story of a young woman trying to adapt a new way of life in Australia, yet still remaining an outsider. 

Stefanovic’s writing is funny, raw and reflective. The flashes of her life she allows us to glimpse are poignant and powerful vignettes on their own, but collectively they tell an important story of one woman, and through that an experience that is fundamental to understanding Australia. Stefanovic is able to weave together deeply personal stories of life, love and growing up with themes that impact all of us, in a book that is superbly entertaining as well as thought-provoking.