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Steven Corcoran

photo of steven corcoran

Judges' Comments 

Steven Corcoran is the accomplished translator of a wide-ranging body of French philosophical and literary works. He has translated six books by the eminent French philosopher Jacques Rancière, reputed internationally for his evocative and complex writings on democracy, aesthetics, culture, politics and literature. Corcoran has introduced Rancière’s texts to the English-speaking world and also translated texts by other philosophers such as Alain Badiou, Peter Sloterdijk and Jacques Bidet. His most recent book-length translation, Frantz Fanon: Alienation and Freedom (2018), is a collection of hitherto unpublished plays and papers on the psychiatric and psychological effects of colonialism by Fanon, the Martinican author whose seminal texts on anti-colonialism continue to be influential on the world stage. 

Corcoran’s highly praised and insightful translations, both philosophical and literary, have a wide and discriminating international audience. His standing as a translator is attested by the fact that he is published by renowned presses such as Bloomsbury, Polity and Verso.