State Library Donor Charter

The State Library of NSW has a distinguished history of philanthropic support from generous individual, family and corporate benefactors.

The Library’s future success depends on the generosity of our readers, donors and friends to achieve the agreed goals of the Library and the priorities which follow from them. The Library sustains projects that enhance learning, enable acquisitions and collection conservation programs whilst always aiming to improve access to the collection in diverse ways.

When the Library accepts a financial or other gift, it will:

  • Ensure that gifts are treated in accordance with the agreed terms concluded between the Library and the donor;
  • Commit to use donations effectively for the intended purposes;
  • Provide a tax-deductible receipt that confirms the receipt date and value of the donation;
  • Appropriately acknowledge and publicise donations in consultation with donors (respecting anonymity where requested) in order to ensure recognition consistent with policy and donor agreements;
  • Comply with the Privacy & Personal Information Act and any other general public legislative and policy obligations;
  • Provide progress reports and updates to donors on the acquittal of their gift in line with the Library’s protocols and published policy;
  • Provide donors with the Library’s most recent published financial accounts and other relevant financial information in the Annual Report;
  • Bestow membership of the Foundation in accordance with the Library’ s Trust Deed;
  • Ensure that Library staff engaged in donor liaison do not grant or accept favours for personal gain and avoid conflicts of interest as required by internal policy;
  • Keep donors updated about the impact of their philanthropy and the State Library’s needs and priorities as they evolve over time.

How the Library will use your donation:

  • Where a donor has an agreed restriction on the application of a donation, the Foundation will apply the gift for that purpose in line with the final agreement;
  • All donations, when undesignated, will be added to the Library’s unrestricted funds and will be applied against the priorities identified by the State Librarian and Library Council from time to time.

November 2017