Application guidelines for the Expression of Interest

The Library is seeking Expressions of Interest from Aboriginal digital artists and/or designers for the creation of a unique digital artwork and accompanying digital visual identity for the Library’s Mukurtu site dedicated to making more accessible its Aboriginal Historical Collections.

The successful candidate will spend a minimum of 5 working days at the Library in Sydney to experience the collections and to collaborate with the Indigenous Engagement team to develop the set of deliverables for the site. 

The successful applicant commissioned for this project will receive a fee of $15,000 and travel expenses will be covered by the Library. 

It is a strict requirement that the successful candidate can spend 5 working days in Sydney (consecutive or not) and finalise all requested final deliverables before 31st August 2019. We recommend you take a look at the full guidelines.

The ideal artwork

The ideal artwork is a bold, unique and eye-catching digital visual identity that welcomes visitors to the website.

We are looking for a creation which inspires personal and/or new views on the richness and contemporary vibrancy of NSW cultures, languages and storytelling. 

We are also looking for an artwork which expresses the artist’s view on the importance of having the right to reply to historical records held in Western collecting institutions.

We believe this is an important commitment for the Library, so we are adopting Mukurtu, a dedicated site to connect Aboriginal peoples and communities with the Library's records, while providing a space for community responses. Read more about the background of this project.

The artwork may wish to reflect and/or respond to one or more of the following inspirations:

  • the collections held at the Library related to Aboriginal histories and/or cultures;
  • the importance of digitally reconnecting these collections with the communities they belong to;
  • the building and/or key features of the Mitchell Library;
  • the land on which the Library stands;
  • the vibrant continuation of NSW Aboriginal cultures and languages;
  • the community where the artist comes from;
  • the importance of Aboriginal languages.

How to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)

Interested artists are invited to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) emailing with the subject ‘Mukurtu EOI’ by midnight of Wednesday, 1 May 2019. 

Please keep attachments under 25 MB.

If you would prefer to submit an EOI in a different format (including visual, video, audio or digital) please call us (02) 9273 1577 or email

Expressions of Interest must include:

1. An email and/or letter, including:

  • introduction of yourself and your work;
  • why you would like to be part of this project.

2. An updated CV and Portfolio, including: 

  • examples (and/or links) to past works;
  • copy of portfolio, or link to online portfolio if available;
  • 2 references.

3. Concept brief, including:

  • title of your work (this can change later);
  • your proposed concept and how you would develop the artwork/visual design.


Please contact us at if you need any support with your application.