Indigenous Spaces

Indigenous spaces in library places

Building a vibrant public library network inclusive of Indigenous peoples and communities

The contents of this toolkit were written on Gadigal Land.

'We acknowledge them as Traditional Custodians and we pay our respects to their Elders past and present'.

Welcome to the online toolkit for Indigenous Spaces in Library Places

The strategy Indigenous Spaces In Library Places: Building a Vibrant Public Library Network Inclusive of Indigenous Peoples and Communities  has been developed by the Library to provide guidance to the public library network, as a part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing services dedicated to the local Indigenous population. The toolkit contains helpful tips, guidelines and templates that can be downloaded from the website. 

To get started, watch the video and select your Strategy Objective.

Pie chart that describes the Indigenous Spaces in Library Places strategy

Choose your strategy objective

Katoomba Library Aboriginal Knowledge Centre


Welcome Indigenous peoples into your library

Indigenous spaces- Support Indigenous people in the local area


Support communities in your local area

Indigenous spaces- share stories about Indigenous culture


Share stories and build knowledge

Include and support indigenous employment across the library network


Include and support Indigenous employment

Build vibrant collections shaped by Indigenous needs


Build vibrant collections and services

Indigenous spaces- Create inspiring collaborative relationships.jpg


Collaborate to share information on the Strategy

Spread the Indigenous spaces strategy across the state


Reach and spread the Indigenous spaces strategy across NSW

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Indigenous spaces

Indigenous spaces in library places

Other resources for your library

Dyarubbin exhibition in the First Nations Gallery, March 2022

Indigenous Spaces in Libraries

Building culturally safe and welcoming spaces in libraries for First Nations peoples and communities.

Banners across the front of the Macquarie St wing of the Library for the Eight Days in Kamay exhibition 2021

Guiding Principles and Indigenous Frameworks

Guidelines the Library follows for engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and managing the collections