Indigenous Spaces in Library Places

Indigenous Services-pie chart

The strategy Indigenous spaces in library places: building a vibrant public library network inclusive of Indigenous peoples and communities has been developed by the Library to provide guidance for the public library network to enhance services dedicated to the local Indigenous population.

Our goal is to create interest and awareness on the way libraries across the state can engage and support Indigenous peoples and communities.

Key objectives of the strategy focus on providing a welcoming and safe cultural space for Indigenous peoples and communities, where they can use and appreciate collections and services of their public library. In this strategy, library places refer to a conceptual arena where libraries engage not only with Australian Indigenous peoples accessing the library building, but also with their history, issues and perceptions across the community.

This pie chart represents many opportunities that every  library can shape along its journey. The Library is  developing a number of tools and resources to encourage and support public library staff  in how to use this strategy.  

There are a number of resources to help you participate in the Indigenous Spaces in Library places strategy.