World-leading Library

Bust of man's face in front of bookshelves

The Library’s extraordinary collections document the heritage of Australia and Oceania and are one of the State’s most valuable assets. By building, preserving and delivering its collections, including today’s born digital materials, the Library enables Australians to interrogate our past, understand our present and imagine our future.

As a developing centre of digital excellence, the Library engages online across NSW, Australia and globally. Its collections are increasingly delivered digitally for all to use and repurpose, providing depth for the researcher and stimulus to the creative industries. Free access to online journals, databases and learning materials is provided throughout the state.

At its heritage home on Macquarie Street at the heart of Sydney, the Library is a knowledge landmark, a pre-eminent cultural destination which attracts scholars, students and visitors who can read, converse, learn, visit exhibitions or enjoy events. Mirrored online, the services and spaces for study, learning, exhibitions, events and encounter are friendly and stimulating.

The State Library works in partnership with the public library network to enrich the lives of people and communities across NSW. Onsite and online, public libraries anticipate the needs of children and families, young people and students, working people, older people, visitors and business, and the particular interests of Australia’s Indigenous peoples and multicultural population. Local services are extended by the information services, educational programs and exhibitions provided onsite, online and on tour through the expertise of the State Library’s staff and the strength of its partnerships.

Our service guarantee

  • Timely, relevant and accurate information provided from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the state
  • Courteous, friendly and efficient staff
  • Requests for information and advice responded to promptly
  • Resources held in our collections are easily accessible
  • Services and resources meet the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients, people from non-English speaking backgrounds and clients with disabilities
  • Appropriate and well-maintained equipment and facilities are available
  • Training courses provide participants with valuable and relevant skills
  • Fee-based services deliver value for money.

The State Library’s mission, values and vision statements are available here.