On the Ropes, Episode 1

2020 - Shortlisted


Judges' comments

In this fast-paced female-led boxing drama, Amirah attempts to establish herself as a trainer working in the shadow of her champion boxer father Sami. The Ropes continually shifts our perspective from the gym and boxing ring to the communities of western Sydney. In Tamara Asmar’s script for episode one of this six-part television series, Amirah secures Jess her professional debut fight. When Sami intervenes and stops the event, the resulting conflict impacts many relationships.

Tamara Asmar’s captivating script for episode one, combines taut dialogue and dramatic imagery to create a complex and layered portrait of a family and a community tackling change. Along the way, Fire tackles gender discrimination and the challenges of cross-generational conflict within immigrant communities. The writing is sharp, dramatic and empathetic and Asmar’s script pays particular attention to the rhythms of daily life, exploring the relationship between music, dance and boxing to considerable dramatic effect.