Ghosts of Biloela

2017 - Shortlisted


Judges' comments

Ghosts of Biloela is an evocative telling of events at the Biloela Reformatory and Industrial School for Girls on Cockatoo Island, Sydney, in the 1870s. Through geo-locative interactive technology, the story of a new inmate at the school can be followed across the sites on the island where events played out. Primarily designed as an onsite audio tour, it can also be accessed online.

Ghosts is a drama based on real events and people at the reformatory. Well-researched, and offering further historical information throughout the story, it gives us insights into the lives of institutionalised young girls in the nineteenth century. Importantly, it focuses on histories often overshadowed by the usual fare of convict crime and punishment. Ghosts is an innovative, contemporary avenue to history, and makes it accessible to a broad audience.