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Ghost Bird

2021 - Shortlisted


Ghost Bird follows the story of two polar-opposite twins living in a small regional town in Queensland: the studious Stacey, and the wayward Laney who is always skipping school and sneaking around with her boyfriend. When Laney disappears, Stacey has to face the stories of her people, challenge her family’s ways and find her sister before it’s too late. 

This is a novel built on the intricate and finely drawn detail of regional Australian life and the fraught history of conflicts, friendships and divisions between white and Indigenous communities that will always shape the present. Fuller has a finely tuned ear for sharp dialogue, particularly the vernacular of regional and Indigenous Australians. Part thriller, part mystery, part coming-of-age story this is a literary page turner that will remain in readers’ hearts and minds long after they’ve put the book down.