Home Truths: A Memoir

2022 - Shortlisted


Judges' Comments 

Australia’s most prolific playwright charts the changes within the country’s political and social landscape and how these shifts have influenced the subject matter of his plays over the past fifty years. He explains well how he learned to write from ‘real life’ rather than from imagination, while the tense emotional dynamic of his parents, and his two marriages, have also been a creative divining rod. This lively memoir encapsulates, along with Williamson’s own life, a valuable documentation of an era in Australian theatre history. Self-deprecating, gossipy, outlining friendships and collaborations along with an entertaining modicum of scores settled and dirty laundry washed in public, Williamson acknowledges his own occasional bad behaviour and marital infidelities, without trying to overly analyse or excuse them.  A light-hearted and amusing work. 



About the Author

photo of david williamson

David Williamson AO

David Williamson AO is the most produced playwright in the history of Australian Theatre.

For over fifty years his plays have continued to attract strong audiences and box office revenue for the many Theatre companies around the country who produce and continue to produce his work.

He has also written numerous film scripts and television series.