The Long Forgotten Dream

2019 - Shortlisted


Judges' comments

Simone, a young archaeologist, has found the remains of her great-grandfather - taken during the Frontier Wars - and arranges for them to be repatriated back to country. Returning home after a lengthy absence, Simone finds her father, Jeremiah, living by himself out of town, retaining contact only with his sister. When the bones of the displaced king are returned to ancestral lands, father and daughter attempt to reconnect even as the restless spirits of the past itself continue to search them out. 

This is a powerful play that contends with Australian history, family and uses the medium ingeniously to explore both the readily seen world and the world that reveals itself only to some. The characters are flawed and detailed, all grappling with a dislocation from themselves and each other passed through generations. The Long Forgotten Dream, however, is ultimately a story of coming together and mending old wounds, beautifully rendered.