Lost Boys

2019 - Shortlisted


Judges' comments

Lost Boys is a sprawling story following the perpetrators of hate crimes on gay men in the late eighties. The play moves between two time periods: 1989 and 2017 and looks at the young people who committed the crimes, their evasion of punishment and the moment in the future when it comes back to haunt them and their families. In Act 1 we experience the domain of the aggressors while in Act 2 we meet their children in a very different world. 

An ambitious story that draws its characters with great complexity, Lost Boys is an impressive work that gets to the heart of how hatred can tear a person and their family apart. It’s notable for the way it operates across two periods of history and for the richness present in all the characters. It smartly allows us to sit with all the characters in their myriad complexities and fully explore the impact of hatred within a person and their community.