City of Gold

2020 - Shortlisted


Judges' comments

In his debut play, Meyne Wyatt has created a powerful piece of theatre exploring among other things the racism inherent in Australian society. With passion, heart and palpable rage, Wyatt has created a rich emotional world set in a town, perhaps a microcosm for the nation, that is divided by racial tension and injustice among a family that is forced to wear the consequences.

The protagonist, an actor named Breythe, returns to his hometown of Kalgoorlie after the death of his father. He is confronted by the grief of his family but also that of a town mourning and enraged by the recent death of a young Indigenous man at the hands of police. Wyatt’s characters are rich and complicated, all grappling with the immediate grief but also the lingering and powerful effects of colonisation. This is a striking piece of theatre but also a timely call to action.