The Feather in the Web

2020 - Shortlisted


Judges' comments

Nick Coyle has crafted an explosive protagonist who rockets through the world in a play that defies expectations. Kimberly is a woman seemingly from another planet, lacking impulse control and generally unsettling people with her seeming lack of tether to the real world. That is, until she meets Miles, falls in love and becomes even more unbound. This intriguing play couples suburban scenarios with dangerous ideas to create a hallucinogenic effect. 

Coyle’s banal, yet sly dialogue helps to create unique characters who at times endear themselves to us and at others repel us. The sense of theatricality in the writing is clear and exciting but at the heart of this play are more profound issues than might initially appear. With its unique voice and absence of cliche, the play invites its audience on a thrilling journey to ponder the nature of living, loving and dying.