Queen Fatima

2022 - Shortlisted


Judges' Comments 

This is the story of the Britney-obsessed and slightly overweight Fatima, raised in a loving Lebanese family, who is expected to marry and have children but instead enters the ruthless Queen Lebanon Australia competition to gain the respect of her lawyer boyfriend’s parents and show that she is ‘blessed’. It’s a story that shines a light on society’s obsession with outward appearance and on how loving yourself is a step towards loving others.  

The play is full of humour and humanity. The characters are vital and boldly drawn, but always bedded in truth. Fatima is a universal model, joyous in her celebration of who she is. Elazzi has crafted her complex journey with skill and nuance. The play is a heart-warming expression of Lebanese Australia that reminds us of the power of celebrating our differences.