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Maya and Cat

2019 - Shortlisted


Judges' comments 

Cat has chosen the kind heart of Maya to help her on her adventure, although Maya doesn’t quite know what that adventure is. Unperturbed by the drenching rain, Maya is determined to march her feather boa and her pompom on a stick to find her owner. With a pad pad thump, they set out to find Cat’s home. Cat’s preferred choice of transport is somewhat ingenious. The adventure leads them to a gorgeous cloudy grey purpose for Cat’s adventure and, in a perfect outcome, to the waves and folds of both Maya’s warm blanket and heart.

Caroline Magerl has charmingly captured rain-soaked locations and the grey of puddle cat. Her poetic language has described a wonderful little adventure to connect readers to her well-drawn characters. This story honours kindness, friendship and resilience. It is always a pleasure to read such a precious story without being able to pick the ending.