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One Tree

2020 - Shortlisted


Judges' comments

One Tree is a heart-warming story about family, environment, progress and nurture. Grandfather used to live in a farming village, surrounded by nature, next to the tallest tree on the mountain. Now, he lives in a city apartment. But when his grandson finds a small plant nestled between the paving stones of the marketplace in the busy grey city, the old man is nourished and revitalised. His memory comes alive, and with a little love and care that one plant becomes many.
One Tree is a quiet, simple, life-affirming story, yet its message echoes long after the pages are closed. The stunning wood-cut illustrations are unusual and ambitious for an Australian children’s picture book and successfully conjure the gentle wisdom of Grandfather, and the curiosity and wonder of his grandchild. One Tree is a nostalgic, multilayered narrative which highlights the importance of the natural world, and of understanding and honouring our elders and their histories.