Axiomatic by Maria Tumarkin

axiomatic book cover

Judges' Comments 

Taking truths that we accept as self-evident, such as ‘time heals all wounds’, ‘history repeats itself’ and ‘you can’t enter the same river twice’, Maria Tumarkin takes a highly original, unconventional approach to confront dark themes head-on and challenge wisdom that has become cliché.

Messing with time, refusing the conventions of linear storytelling, writing in a style and voice that refuses easy categorisation as either essay or reportage, Tumarkin embarks on a challenging exploration of those at the margins of society, writing with unflinching insight into human behaviour and trauma, including teen suicide and drug addiction. Her prose is tough, spare and unadorned, giving it a stern power. Challenging, unsettling, innovative, Tumarkin is a fearless explorer of the human condition.