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About The Best Cat, the Est Cat

A delightful tale that introduces young readers to the State Library of NSW. 

The Best Cat, The Est Cat book cover

The Best Cat The Est Cat book cover

The Best Cat, the Est Cat is a delightful tale that introduces young readers to the State Library of NSW. A giant floor map, an ear trumpet, a hundred-year-old message in a bottle, a death mask and a necklace made of hair are just some of the curiosities revealed as we explore the building and meet the people who work there.  

The story features a mysterious talking cat who invites children through the grand doors of the State Library of NSW in Sydney. It’s the Best Cat, who wants to show them the biggest, the smallest, the strangest, the rarest and the gluggiest objects to be found there! They are followed by ghosts as they visit secret places, spy incredible treasures, and finally learn the Best Cat’s secret. 

With so many hidden corridors, sets of stairs and underground stacks (seven floors below street level!), the Library is a place you can easily get lost in ... making it the perfect setting for a children’s adventure story.


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