Face masks mandatory until 12.01 am, Monday 17 May 2021. Please read our special conditions of entry before visiting us.

2021 Welcome to the School Year

The new school year has arrived and as you launch into your programming and lesson planning, we would like to share with you all the marvellous resources available here at the State Library. Whether you are planning to visit us onsite (and we hope you are), via virtual excursion or using our extensive digital resources, we’ve got you covered with curriculum linked, classroom ready programs and resources.

HSC students

For HSC students and teachers, we’ve developed a new site which pulls together all the information you need to make the most of the resources the Library has to offer. Our popular Introduction to HSC Resources workshop is available onsite and via Zoom. Please encourage your senior students to sign up for a library card too.


We have excursions, both onsite and virtual, for all stages of learning and remember that you can make a booking to suit your timetable. With support from our Foundation we are able to offer onsite excursions in Terms 1 and 2 free of charge for schools with an FOEI of 100 or above.

Current exhibitions include Photos1440 (16 January to 25 April), Eight Days in Kamay (until 28 February), Coming out in the 70s (until 16 May) and our permanent exhibition Paintings from the Collection.

Two students in the Paintings from the Collection gallery looking up at paintings

Two students visiting the Paintings from the Collection gallery.

Both Eight Days in Kamay and Coming out in the 70s also have extensive online exhibitions with integrated learning activities that can be enjoyed in your classroom.

Later in the year another fascinating exhibition, Mapping the Pacific (10 July to 31 October) will open, featuring amazing maps, globes and atlases detailing the history of mapping the Pacific region. This is a perfect excursion for Stage 2 students as they study the journeys of European explorers.

We have expanded our existing range of virtual excursions with three NEW offerings to add to your favourites:

Sharpen your Debating Skills: A new one-on-one coaching session delivered by the Learning team’s resident debating expert. This personalised session will give debaters the tools and strategies they need to deliver a winning case on debate day. Suitable for Stage 3 and 4

Going Places: Migration to Australia: In this virtual excursion, students will use primary sources from the collection to understand the experiences of different people who left everything familiar to embark on a new life in Australia.

First Fleet:  This virtual excursion focuses on the experience of convicts of the First Fleet and on the early years of the colony. Using primary sources from State Library collections, students will investigate the journey of the First Fleet, the everyday life of convicts and the consequences of the First Fleet settlement on Aboriginal people.


Digital Learning Resources

We have an extensive suite of digital learning resources for all stages and KLAs. These activities are curriculum linked and ready for you to use in your classroom today.

We would like to highlight our learning activities for K-12 English – there is something for everyone. Visit All Things Shakespeare to view the new ‘Uncover the Globe Theatre’ video and find a learning activity for one of Shakespeare’s most quoted soliloquies; watch celebrated author Libby Hathorn presenting the Poets of Australia series and check out our latest English learning activities for high school students including Duelling Poets and Visual Representations and Eight Days in Kamay - Texts and the Human Experiences. And have you heard? We've launched an after school online club for enthusiastic writers - encourage your students to register for our after school online workshops. 

There is so much to look forward to in 2021 —  sign up for our Learning eNews and be the first to find out about learning programs at the State Library.

Good luck with Term 1 and please let us know if there is anything we can do to support teaching and learning at your school.