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About the team

Richard Neville, Mitchell Librarian

Richard Neville is the Mitchell Librarian at the State Library of NSW. Richard is well-known for his expertise in 19th century Australian colonial history and culture.

Michael Walsh, Research Fellow

Dr Michael Walsh will be researching the Mitchell Library archives to identify relevant material for this project. Dr Walsh is a pre-eminent linguist of Aboriginal languages involved in the revitalisation of indigenous languages.

Since 1972 Michael Walsh has carried out fieldwork in the Top End of the Northern Territory, mainly in the Darwin-Daly region. This has been a mixture of academic endeavours as well as, since 1979, consultancies, mainly relating to Aboriginal land issues. From 1999 he has been involved in the revitalization of Aboriginal languages in NSW. From 1982 up till the end of 2005 he was part of the teaching staff of the Department of Linguistics,UniversityofSydney. Since then, as an Honorary Associate, he has continued his research interests especially through a large ARC grant involving a team of linguists and musicologists running from 2004 to 2010. This project aims to document the song traditions of the Murriny Patha people and was triggered by community concern to preserve these traditions for future generations. Most recently he has been advising on Australian languages as part of the evolving National Curriculum for Languages.

Melissa Jackson – Library Indigenous Librarian

Melissa Jackson is of Bundjalung descent with family links to the Baryulgil area near Grafton. Born in Crown Street Women’s Hospital she spent all of her life to date inSydney. Melissa worked in various government departments, including Department of Housing and Attorney Generals Department before starting work at the State Library of New South Wales in 1991. One of two Indigenous Services Librarians, she has a background in teaching and obtained her librarianship qualifications fromUniversityofTechnology Sydney. Melissa is President of ATSILIRN the national body representing Indigenous library workers.

Ronald Briggs - Library Indigenous Librarian

Ronald Briggs (Gamilaroi) is originally from Moree in central north-western NSW. Trained as a schoolteacher before beginning work as Indigenous Services Librarian at the State Library of New South Wales since 1991, Ronald is a keen family historian and has also worked with the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies.