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Access thousands of newspapers and magazines with PressReader

PressReader app logo (Green)

Want to access thousands of newspapers and magazines wherever you are?

Download the PressReader app on your device, create an account, and you’ll have 48 hours of unlimited mobile access to all the news you can read.

PressReader gives you access to over 7000 current editions of newspapers and magazines from around the world. Each publication is fully digitised and mirrors the print edition, including photographs, classifieds and advertising. You can browse publications in over 60 languages.

Titles include Australian and international news publications such as The Guardian, The Monthly and the Wall Street Journal. International fashion magazines are there, including Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue Australia, along with special interest publications like Variety and Rolling Stone. There are even niche titles for every interest: Horse & Hound, Chickens (101) and Popular Woodworking.

All you need to do is remember to sign in to PressReader desktop version (on your computer, tablet or mobile) every 48 hours to renew access to the app.

Step 1

Go to the State Library’s website and sign in to PressReader with your library card number

Step 2

Create an account by following the prompts. You can use your email address or login via Facebook, Google, or Twitter.  

Step 3

Download the PressReader app from the App Store or Google Play

Step 4

Sign into the app using the PressReader account that you created in Step 2.

You now have 48 hours of access to PressReader via the app. To continue using PressReader after the first 48 hours, sign into PressReader via the Library’s website again, log into your account, and the app will be ready for you to use again for another 48 hours. 

TIP: If you are logging in to your PressReader account on the Library’s website using Facebook, you may get a ‘Failed to get auth result’ message. Ignore it and try signing back into the app anyway. If you have any problems, please contact Ask A Librarian.