An Act to declare the town of Sydney to be...

An Act to declare the town of Sydney to be a city and to incorporate the inhabitants thereof

Act (6 Vic No 3) July 20, 1842

On this day in 1842, Sydney was incorporated as a city. Sydney Town had been established in 1788 at Sydney Cove and named after the British Home Secretary, Lord Sydney. In 1840 Governor Gipps introduced a bill to the Legislative Council to establish municipal institutions in New South Wales and in 1842 the Act was passed to declare Sydney to be a city.

John Hoskings became the first elected Mayor of Sydney and the first municipal council meeting was held in the George Street Market Building which is now the site of the Queen Victoria Building

The State Library of New South Wales holds the Reports and Proceedings of the Sydney Municipal Council from 1844 and a range of years onwards.