Advice for Business Aspirants

Advice for Business Aspirants

Brain, care, systematic attention, methodical, never slack, move with the times, great standard of honesty and probity…

These were the qualities a ‘business aspirant’ needed to have, as outlined in this NSW business course book published 100 years ago.

The Australian Business Practice: first year’s course for schools (1915) was written by Lockhart Easton.

The Course of instruction for commercial superior public (day continuation) schools was first published on 12 November 1912. Commercial instruction was taught in superior schools such as the Petersham, Randwick and Windsor Superior Public Schools. The new syllabus was described by the newspapers at the time as “progressive methods”.

Mr Lockhart Easton, the author of several text books on business principles and practice, was certainly a man who practised what he preached - a man of very high standards. He was recognised as one of the most efficient commercial masters in the high school service of his time. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Economic Society of London in 1928, for his literary and research work. He joined the Australian Imperial Force, 56th Infantry Battalion during World War 1 in 1916, was wounded in action and medically discharged in 1918.

The State Library of New South Wales hold editions of these early Business Course and school textbooks.